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PTP Haiti Emergency Relief

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Haiti is currently facing a dire situation where many crises have emerged at once: crime, cholera, the rising price of fuel, and the breakdown of democratic institutions.  Currently, the G9, an alliance of criminal gangs, has created blockades throughout the country. This notorious gang is heavily located near our IPHC Port-au-Prince compound. Our very own IPHC Bishop has been confined to his home for four weeks due to gangs controlling the immediate area. Additionally, on the night of Oct. 16, the wife of one of our key leaders was struck by a stray bullet in her home.

The gangs are preventing food, fuel, and supplies from freely moving throughout the country. CBC News Evan Dyer said, "Without that fuel, Haiti's power grid shuts down. So do the trucks that deliver food to supermarkets, the generators that refrigerate that food during frequent power outages, and the factories and businesses that pay the wages that buy the food. That is why Haiti's fuel crisis is now fast turning into a famine."

It is our desire to raise emergency funds that can be sent in as soon as our leadership is able to safely: 1. Acquire the funds from the bank 2. Disburse those funds to IPHC Pastors for food purchasing and distribution.

Please know that your contribution will go toward the purchase of food and essentials; however, while it is not yet possible for us to give a clear timeline of when those funds arrive in Haiti, your giving will allow funds to be available as soon as it is safe to access. Thank you for partnering with us to bring vital food assistance to our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Project Number 09055DHAITI

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