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Montana Native American Foster Care

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The Montana Native American foster care project is a vision that God gave us after living on the Fort Belknap Indian reservation for 577 days. To be specific, before we moved to the reservation we understood that we needed to learn from the people how to most effectively minister to them. One day as I was speaking to a native lady who fosters up to a dozen children at a time, she asked me, “do you want to know how you can help our people?” My answer was yes, she said, “over 80% of our children are in foster homes or have been in foster homes, and there is never enough homes, you need to care for our children.”

We believe that nothing could be closer to Gods heart than to take care of these orphaned children. We have met with the director of the tribal social services program and learned that 73% of the teenage population here is considered homeless, meaning they don’t have a stable household and wander from house to house, basically wherever they can find an open door, many times not finding an open door. The tribal social service has agreed to work with us, allowing us to foster up to 6 children at a time, as well as provide a reunification house for parents to reunite with their fostered children.

We have found a property that will suite the needs of both, an 8,000 square foot facility that was formerly a day care. This facility is already zoned and up to date on commercial code for a childcare facility. The asking price for this property is $149,000.00, in this very remote part of the country, finding a property like this is amazing.

Considering that the Native American reservations are the most overlooked and ignored people group in the USA, we as the IPHC cannot afford to not invest in the need.

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