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Scarlet Cord

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Project Number 35101P

Scarlet Cord

“Stop Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation and Forced Prostitution.” 

Matthew and Femke Helland are working together with Scarlet Cord to help individuals get out of prostitution and find a new life in Christ. For over thirty-five years, Scarlet Cord has been working against human trafficking, sexual exploitation and forced prostitution in the Netherlands. Even though prostitution is legal, the reality is shocking: 

 ·      Illegal prostitution and human trafficking is increasing significantly.

·       90% of prostitutes suffer from emotional abuse, 78% suffer from sexual abuse, 68% suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

·       There are daily more than 8,000 unique advertisements for prostitution online in the Netherlands. 

·      There are at least 25,000 people who work in prostitution in the Netherlands.

 What We Do

Our weekly outreach teams go to Sex clubs and Red Light Districts throughout the Netherlands and our digital outreach teams sends thousands of e-mails and text messages to prostitutes who advertise online.  We reach out to nearly 15,000 prostitutes per year (13,000 online and 2,000 in person). 

Through our consistent outreach, we are able to gain people’s trust and offer them the help that they may need. This is often a complicated and long-term process. Our team of social workers are committed to help those in prostitution find the practical help they may need such as: finding a home, dealing with debt, learning a new language,  getting job training, finding a new job, dealing with trauma, dealing with addiction, learning new life skills and developing a healthy lifestyle. 

Our Store, Crafted Stories, helps individuals get the job training and experience so they can find other work. We also have mentors or buddies who  who help people develop a healthy social network and living patterns. People from all kinds of churches and businesses help our clients get the support they need so that they will be less likely to fall back into prostitution. 

 We also have educational teams who train students to become more assertive and resilient so that they will less likely be sexually exploited. There has never been a time where students have been more vulnerable to online pornography and predators. We are giving them tools so that they will less likely be victims of sexual exploitation. 



 How You Can Help

Pray that we can reach more people and get them the practical and spiritual help to quit prostitution. 

Share our Facebook and Instagram posts so that others can know about our work. 

Give  Getting out of prostitution requires more than just making a choice to stop. It involves job training, finding a home, dealing with trauma, learning a new language, and more. Your financial gift enables us to continue doing what we are doing. 

How Your Donation Can Help

·  55 US dollars sponsors a food package for one prostitute for one week.

·  110 US dollar sponsors an outreach to a sex club.

·  320 US dollars sponsors a workshop about finding other work.

·  3000 US dollars sponsors they typical costs for helping one person quit prostitution. 

“The client was king. He could hit me, humiliate me and even urinate all over me if he desired.” -Sameena, a Human Trafficking Survivor

Why We Are Called Scarlet Cord
The name Scarlet Cord is inspired by the story of Rahab, a prostitute who was saved from destruction in Jericho by placing a scarlet cord outside of her window. (Joshua 2; 6:22-23) Not only was she saved, but she went on to become the great grandmother of King David and is listed in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 1) Also, the word for Cord in Hebrew, Tikvah, is the same word for hope. We are bringing God’s love and hope to those caught in the world of prostitution. We are helping stop human trafficking, sexual exploitation and forced prostitution.  


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